Southeast Whiteshell Open House

The Southeast Whiteshell Firefighters held their open house Aug 7. It was a fun day for all. Emergency equipment including Pumpers,Ambulance and Fire Boat were on display. Children were invited to don miniature Turn Out Gear (fire suit and boots) and were challenged to drag a fire hose the length of the hall. the youngsters then shot water from fire extinguishers at orange pylons. Small prizes were awarded.

Fire hall executives were on hand to serve soft drinks and cook up free hot dogs(courtesy of Sobeys) for all who attended.  Over 15 dozen hot dogs were eaten!

In the afternoon onlookers saw a display of the “Jaws Of Life” where a vehicle was systematically dismembered by the volunteer Firefighters, this was  accompanied by a running commentary of how and why actions took place.

Safety and rescue kits as well as smoke detectors  were on sale.

The open house is an attempt to include the community in this worthwhile undertaking… providing safety through  volunteers.

We appreciate the time and effort our Fire Department executive and Firefighters put in year in and year out, training, organizing events and fundraisers and of course attending emergency call outs.


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