New Landscapping

Thanks to Dargy’s Yard Construction for the awesome job landscaping our front yard.


Summer Storm

A wild storm hit our area Monday July 26th. Severe winds hail and a lightning show blew through the area leaving behind  hundreds of  downed trees, damaged  cottages and vehicles. Caddy Lake and Ingolf were especially hit hard. Power was out  for many for as long as 48 hrs. Tuesday morning we were kept busy serving coffee and muffins to all those without power.  Thankfully there were no injuries, but we have heard many stories of families huddled together as they listened to the howling winds that some described as sounding like a freight train. (rumor has it a funnel cloud was spotted near Caddy Lake) Some brave souls watched the show from their verandas and decks, while apparently others waited out the storm under a picnic table on the Mantario trail!

Aug Long!

Beautiful day, 26  sunny and humid! Speaking of sunny, we now have Zinka Sun screen and sun block in the store. A blast from the past,the 80’s  Zinka is back!  Pink, blue,green yellow zinc oxide sunblock. We also have a clear lip protector, clear lotion and spray spf 30 sunscreens.

New Movies in this week:     The Runaways

Farmers Market a Success

The Market was a great success despite the rain and tornado warnings!! Thanks Cheryl (Black Bear Power Product) Mary Anne and her girls (home baking,Farm fresh produce) Charlene(Epicure) and all the visitors who braved the crazy weather. Its so nice to see all our summer neighbors back.

Latest Movies in the store. The book of Eli, Hot tub Time Machine, Final Destination, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Fourth Kind, the Squeakquel, Bad Lieutenant, From Paris with Love, Amelia,Precious, Did you Hear about the Morgans, The Ugly Truth, Velveteen Rabbit,  9,  Transformers 2, Last Wimzy, Whip It. Check the “Movie” link top right, to see a complete list of movies int the store.

Don’t forget we now carry more frozen foods including steaks, chops, ground beef, pizza and of course Double D’s Cheesecake.