Glenn’s Back!

Attention all “Morning Coffee Guys” Glenn has returned! Coffee and discussion may resume.

Movies just in:      Amelia,     Julie & Julia,   Did you hear about the Morgans?,   Precious,   Angus, Thongs and perfect Snogging,  Final Destination 4.

See the full list of movies listed on our “Movie” page near the top of you screen.



Rain, Rain, Go Away?

Top  Ten Reasons why rain is  wonderful

10  It’s liquid sunshine

9    The forrest and plants love it. It’s looking like a rainforrest out there.

8    You can’t do yard work in the rain.

7     Good time to bake cookies

6     You have time to get into a good book or Magazine…..from Pat’s Place.

5     You have more time to fit yourself into that new swim suit.

4     Mosquitoes can’t fly in the rain.

3    Snuggle Day!!

2   Time to catch up on a few movies…..From Pat’s Place!

Number one reason rain is wonderful…….Parkies melt when they get wet.


New Movies In

New Movies just in!

Alice in Wonder Land,  Fallen , The Wolfman, Dear John.

Don’t have a DVD player at the lake…..we can rent you one!