Magazines, Movies, Books

We have a great selection of Magazines in the store. While away your afternoon with a copy of Macleans, NewsWeek, New Yorker,  a Fashion Mag, or better yet a Gossip Rag! You can  check out Oprah, Food & Wine, Zoomer, In Fisherman (one of our favortites!) There is Hot Rod,Womens Health and so many more to choose from. But then maybe a Puzzle Books is more your style…oh and we have Comic Books too.

Movies,Movies, Movies! We have one of the largest selections in the area. Up to date and current, new releases every week.  Avatar, Nine, Lovely Bones, Blind Side and Valentines Day are just some of the most recent titles.

There’s nothing like a good summer read! Check out our selection of Used Books. A trade or a small donation to our local United Church and you are off on a summer adventure without leaving your deck.


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